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Along with our regular products, Specialist Computing regularly undertakes bespoke development projects. We have successfully bid for contracts on an open tender basis.

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RIAT Tasks

Specialist Computing has supported the work at Royal International Air Tattoo with both resources and services for a number of years, in particular with Mike Pomeory being part of the volunteer Rangers team for 33 years. This year we have introduced a new task website and app to facilitate on-site services for the team and contractors delivering the show.

If you are a registered user you can visit the RIAT Tasks website and download the app by searching for "RIAT Tasks" on either Android or IOS.

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WATS: Warrant Analysis and Tracking

The Warrant Analysis and Tracking System is an online database of defaulters and the warrants they have gathered.

The system provides facilities to register and collate information on defaulters and their outstanding warrants with the recording of notes, visits and key details.

Financial warrants are imported into WATS via the Libra warrant extract file with a check against existing defaulter records.

Warrants from all court locations within an area are matched against the defaulter's details to attach warrants and provide a history of previous warrants/completions and information gathered during this process.

Business Usage

Following the import of a new file, warrants can be checked, risk assessed and automatically allocated to CEOs by postcode matching.

Admin staff or CEOs can access allocated warrants, add payments, notes, warning signals or diary visits. A comprehensive CEO print provides detailed information including date of issue, values and original offences. This avoids the need to remove the original warrant from the office.

CEO Diary and Visits

WATS has a built in diary feature where managers or CEOs can record details of visits to defaulters and the outcome (e.g. paid or arrested).

These details are automatically added to a warrant record and appear on the CEO print to show historical attempts to execute the warrant.

Searching, Listing and Exporting

WATS has an advanced search page where records can be retrieved based on wide selection criteria.

Results are listed on screen where individual records can be viewed, bulk updating can be performed and results can be exported into Excel/XML formats. CEO reports can be generated from search results in either alphabetical or postcode order.

Safety of Civilian Enforcement Officers

WATS provides the ability to record warning signals against defaulters which are held on the record for future warrants. These warning signals are also printed on the CEO reports. Risk assessments can be stored and printed on the CEO report using the standard matrix of risk and likelihood.

The Visit/Diary facility allows a CEO to record anticipated visits for a day, who they are teamed with and when they have signed off for the day.

CSEye: Forensic Applications for Mobile Devices


In the UK, Courts dismiss cases every day because of poor or contaminated scientific evidence. Users of the CSEye app can be sure of minimising this risk by following clear guidelines which are regularly updated when new methods come to light.

The CSEye App is designed to assist the first officer on the scene to preserve the crime scene to the best of their ability before a forensic team arrives.

The application provides both general guidance as well as specific scene guidance for best practices.

An officer at a crime scene can select evidence samples such as smashed glass / footprints in order to seek advice on how to preserve and/or collect evidence.


Our senior management and design team, which includes a leading Forensic Investigator, have been heavily involved in the development and delivery of world class Law Enforcement solutions for over 30 years.

Specialist Computing developed CSEye including the web services that drive the system and apps for both Android and Windows Phone.

Improve Crime Scene Support and Preservation

Advice for first responders on the scene
Crime scene preservation guidance
Correct evidence collection guidelines
Simplified content for any audience

If you are interested in this project, we would be happy to talk to you about options for deploying this system. Please email us or call 01202 026 194