Specialist Computing is a product focused company and while we have a long history of bespoke development, we also take interesting ideas or problems and produce solutions that can be more widely adopted.

If you would like to find out more about any of our systems, please drop us an email or give us a call.

File Sharing with Stowed

Need to share information with a bunch of people? Want to make sure that only the right people have access? Then stowed is the system for you...

Our web-based file storage and sharing platform allows you to distribute documents with other users of the site. Choose who has access and make wider sharing easier with groups.

Organise your information with tags and combine multiple tags to enable fast and powerful filtering.


Cost Saving Electronic Mailing List

This is the perfect tool for sending documents or newsletters to groups of people. When used as a replacement for postal mailing, STOWED can save money and time by eliminating the need for printing and posting with no folding of paper or printing of envelopes.

There is an email notification system which can be used to inform users of new file uploads quickly and easily. With the sharing system, STOWED will only inform people who have been granted access to the item and the user can restrict this further if they don't want to receive email notifications.

Organise with Tags

Each item is given one or more tags which enables powerful organisation and simplified filtering.

Multiple tags can then be combined together when locating files on the system. For example, you may wish to find all files that are tagged as "newsletters" that are also from the year "2015".

Secure Sharing

Files can be shared with individuals, groups or any user of the website. By default all new items are marked as private and can only be viewed by the creator. This means they can edit the item until they are ready to make it available to a wider audience.

Title Acquisition to Publication System

Our comprehensive book publishing system with prices starting from £25 per month.

It includes the functions such as workflow process, financial, production costing, bibliographic data, territorial rights, title information and publication schedules to name a few.

It is also a repository and management system of product related digital assets such as cover images, text documents and contributors' images.

The data stored can be exported via ONIX, the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.


Multi-Monitor Display System

Control up to 8 displays from one PC with independant output onto each screen and manage the displays from one or more workstations.

Key Features

Flexible multi-screen display software supporting text, images and HTML
Easy to use centralised management tools
Powerful control over content, timings and scheduling
Customisable, template based output of dynamic content

Flexible and Dynamic Screen Content

IDS displays can be configured to show a timed slideshow containing any combination of messages, images, HTML pages and dynamic listing information.

The included management facilities make it quick and easy to change the content and timings of any screen within the building on demand.

The IDS management tools give control over what is displayed on each individual screen in the building. For example, administrative staff have the ability to turn one or all screens on or off directly from their workstations, or configure schedules to display specific content at a given time of day or clear the display overnight.

The built-in messages system can be used to display an important announcement for a given period on all screens without having to change the screen slideshows.

Centralised Network Deployment

IDS is designed to run autonomously, 24 hours a day across a local area network. The display machines are typically rack mounted and always-on, requiring no manual intervention once installed. Each display machine can drive up to 8 screens, reducing hardware costs.

The management tools can be installed on multiple user workstations as required, providing the relevant administrative staff with the tools they need to manage the screen's content on a day-to-day basis without leaving their desks.

Case Management for Court Listings

Over the years, IDS has proved to be a popular solution for public information signage in Court buildings. For this market, we offer additional specialist software for importing, processing and maintaining daily defendant lists.

The data imported into the IDS Case Management application is then passed to the IDS display system which displays the listings outside each individual courtroom without the need for manual entry.

Court Proceedings

Automatically process Libra-based registers from their original PDF format into our searchable intranet solution. This system will give you fast access to the full text of the register and provide a history of appearances and results.

The system will also process Crown Court records and combine them into a single database.

Match defendants against key information to tie together multiple appearances into a single record.

Court Proceedings

Asbestos Management with AMIS

If you are about to survey a number of buildings or a large building and need to organise the data, AMIS offers a great workflow utilising Excel spreadsheets for importing data and producing PDF survey reports.

Collect related documents for a building together in once place and make it available to download by authorised users.

Track asbestos records over time with re-inspections and record when removals are performed. As the survey records change, new reports are automatically updated to reflect the latest data.